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LOVD v.1.1.0 - Leiden Open Variation Database

Online gene-centered collection and display of DNA variants

Information LOVD v.2.0 is the successor of the current 1.1.0 version. We recommend that you try the 2.0 release as it is more user friendly and has more possibilities.

The LOVD system in short:

LOVD stands for Leiden Open (source) Variation Database.
LOVD's purpose : To provide a freely available tool for Gene-centered collection and display of DNA variants with minimal phenotype and patient data.

Information We currently are promoting LOVD by offering LSDB curators the possibility to set up their own databases on our LOVD server. Please contact Ing. Ivo F.A.C. Fokkema at I.F.A.C.Fokkema@LUMC.nl for more information.

Warning The public is encouraged to extend LOVD with useful scripts. If you are a programmer and you have written a script that you think is of use to other LOVD users, please contact me at I.F.A.C.Fokkema@LUMC.nl. Maybe we can add it to the next LOVD releases.

LOVD's Popularity:

The number of IP adresses running an active LOVD (version 1.1.0-08 and up) installation, as measured until May, 2012. The total number of LOVD installations may be higher, since different installations at one server use one IP address.
LOVD usage for May, 2012

LOVD's statistics:

The total and unique number of variants contained in the single largest known LOVD install, as measured until May, 2012.
LMDp contents for May, 2012

LOVD currently includes :
Access levels
Database manager (all manager rights + create, edit and delete managers)
Manager (all curator rights + database setup, create, edit and delete curators, create genes, assign genes to curators, etc)
Curator (access restricted to genes assigned to curator)
Database structure
Standard basic fields
Custom fields
WWW-page generation
DB summary page
Tabular overview
Search capabilities
Online submission of new variants
Email notification
Planned : automatic error checking using the Mutalyzer tool
Freely available software
Open Source
Apache webserver recommended
PHP frontend
MySQL database backend
Sourcecode freely available (GPL license)
Last modified 2019/02/21 15:22:59

When using or discussing LOVD please refer to:
Fokkema IFAC, Den Dunnen JT and Taschner PEM (2005). LOVD: easy creation of a locus-specific sequence variation database using an "LSDB-in-a-Box" approach.
Hum Mutat. 2005 Aug;26(2):63-8.

Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands
Ing. Ivo F.A.C. Fokkema, Dr. Johan T. den Dunnen